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Apocalyptic Minimal Doom and Funeral Death from Sweden. In black robes and golden masks since 2002.


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December 28, 2023

At this time of writing, we have nothing planned.
It is possible that things will happen later in 2024.

Upcoming performances

TFO Live 2020



Ancient Rituals

September 2-4 2021 Kill-Town Death Fest Corona Edition, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 6 2020 Black Apocalyptic Noise Mass @ The Abyss, Gothenburg, Sweden
January 3 2020 Orgivm Satanicvm II, Oslo, Norway
May 24 2003 Gothenburg, Sweden


Upcoming 3rd full album - TBA (202*)
Inexistentia - TFO/GU split album (recorded 2020, released 2022)
Funeral Death - Apocalyptic Plague Ritual II - session of one new song and old re-recorded CD (2022)
Total Funeral Omega - Compilation of demos 2002 - demo sessions 2002 compilation CD (2022)
Negative Evocation Rites - 2nd full album LP/CD/MC (2020)
Negative Evocations - EP (2020)
Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX - session of re-recorded songs CD (2020)
Feeding The Abyss - 1st full album DLP/CD/MC (2003)
+ compilations, 7", reissues, singles and demos...

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