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Apocalyptic Minimalistic Doom from Sweden.
In black robes and golden masks since 2002.

TFO is available for a few performances during 2020/2021.
Contact: nirucon@gmail.com

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Priest III - Percussion
Priest II - Bass and Chants
Priest I - Guitar, Voice and Chants

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TFO will perform at Total Death Over Mexico
March 12-14, 2021 - Mexico.


TFO will perform at Mörkaste Smålands Slaktmånad
October 2-3, 2020 - Hultsfred, Sweden.


Negative Evocation Rites
Posted April 1, 2020

Vinyl LP will be released by NWN! Productions summer 2020.


Apocalyptic Plague Ritual
Posted March 31, 2020

While we are waiting for our second album "Negative Evocation Rites" during this time of plague, we hereby offer another ritual - "Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX".
Alternative MMXX versions of old previously released compositions.

Out on bandcamp now!


"Negative Evocation Rites" done!
Posted February 27, 2020

Yesterday was the last recording session somewhere in Colorado for our new album. Today the album was mixed in Sweden.
The album will be released on vinyl LP by NWN! Productions in a few months.

There are more things going on, but we will come back with more information later.


TFO will perform at UK Deathfest
August 22-23, 2020 - London, UK.


New album "Negative Evocation Rites" 2020!
Posted January 19, 2020

We are in the process of recording a new full length album "Negative Evocation Rites" which will be released later in 2020 via NWN! Productions. There is no release date yet, but we estimate that it will be released in late summer or early fall. As for the new material, it will sound like TFO so expect nothing "new" but it will be darker than the debut album. The cover art is being painted right now and from what we have seen it will fit the music very well.


TFO will perform at The Abyss with Kill,
March 6, 2020 - Gothenburg, Sweden.


TFO will perform at Never Surrender Festival Vol. III
November 5-8, 2020 - Berlin, Germany.


TFO will perform at In Flammen Open Air
July 9-12, 2020 - Germany.


TFO will perform at Orgivm Satanicvm II
January 3, 2020 - Oslo, Norway.

The Funeral Orchestra - Church Of TFO (Nocturnal Lust) - CLIP

Clip from video shot by Tommy Seksseksseks Orgivm Satanicvm

Publicerat av The Funeral Orchestra Måndag 6 januari 2020

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Upcoming Apocalyptic Trance Live Ritual(s):

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Upcoming album

"Negative Evocation Rites"

LP NWN! Productions summer 2020


"Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX"
Recorded 2020
Bandcamp 2020


Debut album

"Feeding The Abyss"
Recorded 2003
CD Aftermath Music 2003
2LP Parasitic Records 2005
MC 2015


More recordings/releases:
Demo recorded 2002 (unreleased)


"Slow Shalt Be The Whole Of The Law"
Demo recorded 2002
CDr 2002
CD Aftermath Music re-issue 2006


"Abysmal Funeral"
Demo recorded 2002 (unreleased)


"We Are The End"
Demo recorded 2003
CDr 2003


"Necro Occult I"
Unreleased recording session 2004


"Necro Occult II"
Unreleased recording session 2004


"Opium De Occulta"
Recorded 2004 (during the "Necro Occult I" session)
Additonal recording 2008
7" vinyl Aftermath Music 2008


+ split releases and compilations...

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